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miketest 10-12-2009 02:23 PM

Landing… A predictably unpredictable process, well for me anyway. Until that reality changes, wheels are a necessity. Long before that happens though, I hope to upgrade to a streamlined basetube. Naturally, the upgrade will render my entire stash of wheels (…for round BTs) useless. So I’m looking for small-ish, reasonably aerodynamic wheels outfitted for streamlined BTs.

My homework yields two options: Whoosh and LOM; both are 6 in dia wheels, both are streamline-compatible, both are hideously expensive. Beyond that, I’m stumped as to the differences. So I’m curious what the collective experience is with either option. .....Any thoughts? Any recommendations? Are there other options? ...all thoughts welcomed!

GlidingHigh 10-12-2009 04:10 PM

A number of us are using the Raven Sky Sports Wheels, also expensive. They hold up fine but a on the lighter side as far as weight and rigidity; can't take too much side force.

The good thing about these is I made my own replacement hubs (not the wheel, just the aero hub). The wheels spin much nicer now. I leave the hub on the BT full time and only remove the wheels when packing.

Steve555 10-12-2009 04:16 PM

I'd say keep the round control bar and use the wheels you got.

Sure, streamlined base bars look cool but I've already flown on a few roudy days where I thought a round bar would be more comfortble.

Not to mention you would once again have to find a bracket for your GPS.

Johnny D 10-12-2009 04:35 PM

I use the Whoosh Wheels (Raven Skysports). As you noted, they are hideously expensive for what they are. I agree with Chris that they will not take any sort of side load… while landing or ground handling. They have held up fine so far for me, but I (insert knock-on-wood emoticon here) have not had to use them for anything other than keeping my base bar off the rocks while hang checking at Henson’s.

As for a recommendation…

I recommend using your round base bar and good wheels until you feel confident enough that you will not need to use the Whoosh or LOM wheels accept in an emergency because in my opinion that is all they are good for… and even that is questionable. After a “landing” on them I think you’ll at least need to get Chris to make you a new set of hubs, but more likely you’ll need to shell out another $175 for a replacement set.

There just aren’t many options out there and none of them are great.

One other thought… Mike Barber mentioned that he is developing a new and improved wheel system. I know he was focused on the carbon fiber “speed bars”, but maybe he’ll also make them available for the base bars us mortals use. Maybe you could use your round bar long enough that a Mike will have his wheels available.

Thog 10-12-2009 08:40 PM

I agree with everyone below. I purchased a set of the cool, streamlined wheels, and one less-than-spectacular landing where they took a bit of a side impact is all it took to knock them off the hubs. I was able to eventually get them back in shape so they were usable again, but I found myself wanting to revert back to the solid, heavier plastic wheels.

I've noticed that you can order a round base tube instead of the streamlined base tube (for the same price) with a new WW glider. There are things I like about both the round and streamlined BTs, but if I were you I'd stick with the round one and spend your $$ on something else.


CHassan 10-13-2009 06:22 AM

I used the lookout wheels on my Sport 2. I would have liked to keep them for my U2. I do not like the woosh wheels. Chris' hubs make them a little sturdier, but like the other guys said, any side loads can break them loose when you really need them.

I agree that as long as your current bar is not needing replacement, I'd stick with it.

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