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Matt Dittman 07-14-2017 12:02 PM

Richmond Dale site
Just had a good phone conversation with the Senior Forest Manager for the RD site. Don is a straight forward guy who is just doing his job and wants both clubs to stay in good standings with each other. He wanted me to post again the basic restrictions to the site which are no camping, no driving on any other road besides the main leading to the launch and to make sure gate is always shut. He is going to work on getting the gate issue resolved/fixed and will keep me posted. I had mentioned to him that the club might be willing to pay for and put up a sign near launch stating the regulations and requirements so that we can at least minimize possible future issues. I am sure this will not cost too much. I did state to him that it might become a shooting target and that we just would not be able to continually replace if this happens. If so, the hunting club could replace. One last thing we need to do is to put a note in the GeoCash box which is located near launch stating that this is private property and that it needs to be relocated. Neither party was aware of this and relocating would limit some of the unwanted traffic.
Over all there are no new issues. Don and I will stay in communication with each other and he is going to forward my personal contact to JR. who is in charge of the hunting club. If anyone has any questions please ask below and I will try to answer them.
Thanks for your understanding

Eric Proulx 07-14-2017 06:08 PM


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