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miketest 06-13-2013 11:14 PM

Membership Forms
Updated 30Apr17

CY17 Ohio Flyers Membership forms - the Application and Waiver - are fill-able PDFs. Complete both. Forms can be found here...
- OF Application The current version is "App v17.2" ( form version # visible in upper and lower right hand corners)
- OF Waiver The current version: "RWAR v17.1"

- Download the form (download button, upper right), and save on your computer
- Open with your favorite PDF program
- Fill in where indicated
- Sign...
(i) an electronic representation of your signature, or
(ii) a digital signature - this is preferred, but not required (if you don't know what this is you probably don't have one),
- Re-save the completed form on your computer, and then
- Email to "secretary@ohioflyers.org",

Old-school methods work too... download/print/fill in & sign/snail mail to Ohio Flyers HGPG, PO Box 307512, Columbus OH 43230

To complete your membership request/renewal, provide annual dues payment to the OF by one of four methods:

- For MEMBERS with active 'club member' status on the website, pay by PayPal or credit card via this PayPal link [LINK HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DEACTIVATED.] (If you're a member and this link does not work, check to be sure you're logged in and try again)

- For MEMBERS still listed as 'registered user' on the website, the above link wont work. (i) Go to PayPal and submit a payment of $37 ($35 + PP fees) to our PayPal address TBD , (ii) contact the webmaster and request that your account be upgraded to 'club member' status.

- For all others - NON MEMBERS with 'registered user' status on the website, or member wannabes, go to PayPal and submit a payment of $37 ($35 + PP fees) to our PayPal address TBD

- Or snail mail a paper check ($35) to Ohio Flyers HGPG, PO Box 307512, Columbus OH 43230 . Make check payable to "Ohio Flyers HGPG"


Edgewater Park pilots have additional requirements:
Complete a Clevelend Metroparks Waiver and provide it to Mike Jenovic*
Contact Mike Jenovic* to arrange payment of additional fees for a required annual permit ($35 per year per pilot; good through 31Dec)
Site orientation required. Contact one of the following:
....PG pilots: Mike Jenovic* or Jon Kelly*
....HG pilots: Felipe Amunategui *
(Note: Forms and payment required three weeks prior to intended flight date)

*Contact Info:
Mike Jenovic: mjenovic@ohioflyers.org
Jon Kelly: kellyjon@ohioflyers.org
Felipe Amunategui: amunategui@ohioflyers.org

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