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Thumbs up 250 Helix Scooter-Soar-Us

As many of you probably know, I started up a school called Learn2Glide in Pittsburgh a few years ago and then purchased a scooter-tow setup to teach things that way. I have since started working a full-time job and decided to close down the school and let my instructor rating expire. This means I no longer have a use for the scooter tow setup and it is just taking up space in my garage.

This rig is built on a Helix 250 and comes with a LOT of Spectra/Amsteel line (I don't actually know how much total, but there's a lot wrapped up) and drogue chute.

You can see a video I made of its tension monitoring system here, but I have since disassembled that stuff:
I am happy to provide you with most of the electronics I used for that setup if someone wants to re-build it, but it will also come with the analog hydraulic hardware that originally was used.

Here's a video of it running in my garage after I cleaned the carb:

And you are welcome to see my promotional video that takes advantage of the setup:

I am starting the asking price at $3000, but will consider other offers.
I unfortunately don't have a great way to transport it, so you may have to come to Pittsburgh to pick it up. But if that is a problem, I can try to work something out with you. Just let me know.

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