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Default Ground Hog Day

Normally in the past I towed mostly on the weekends. I would get up in the morning knowing it was Sat. or Sun. , maybe a long three day weekend, and tow all weekend. Of late I have been doing a lot of towing ( where have you been ? ). I noticed a strange phenomon lately. my days are really screwed up. This past week I started towing last Sat. and have towed every day since. as far as I know, I will get a break after Wed. is over. I am not complaining, I knew the job well from the past, and expected no less than what my life is now. My brain is off kilter. I have just had 5 Saturdays in a row. Every day I get up and have to tow just feels like Sat. to me. I am stuck in Ground Hog Day and my brain knows it is Sat. and it is time to fly. To bad The rest of the universe isn't in step with my reality. Every day would be Sat..
If you want it to be Saturday, You ( maybe ) could play hooky and spend a mid week Saturday with me flying. Me; aww hell, I am lost in a world of nothing but Saturdays.
It's safer in the air.............
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