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Originally Posted by Eric Proulx View Post
I believe 2 years ago, the project needed about 2 grand to bring to reality . Is this still the case?
No Eric. Try to keep up. The Penarc Dangler was scraped during construction because device was deemed : Needing three to operate device was to much to ask. THIS! Dangler will only need a single operator. Final cost has not been an issue. Least expensive available commercial equivalent I've found start at $70000 dollars. Only up from that.

AGAIN! Beginning of thread list all REQUIREMENTS. Any other materials are up to builder but must be of HIGHEST QUALITY as described. NO COMPROMISE!.

A little imagination, effort and cash might just make this device "reality". Give it a shot. Many paths to any end.

For a build other than what's described in this thread : come up with working solution and if it only cost 2K OK with me. When completed bring device down here. If it is SPEC I'll install and test run it. Glad to have the help. I'll wait to see what you come up with.

As always thank you for this time.
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