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Default Wind sock dimensions

Hi all. I've been down a long time but lurking. And well done on how everything is being handled!!! By the way. Did want to attend the meeting flow dictates these days. Almost made it. Thanks Mr. Mullins for looking after me.


I don't know who offered to build the club some wind socks..."BUT!"

I offer this : for me (pit dweller) to supply a brand new "Gauged" windsock (to be disassembled for a pattern) complete with frame and hardware, (also to be dismantled for pattern) and enough Red and White prime Dacron sail cloth (I mean YARDAGE!! and this stuff will really last under the elements) to make as many copies as "YOU" (the slave(s) making the labor offering) are willing to build.

Notice I make no offer to supply framing materials. Though they are simple and easily obtained.

Still interested?

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