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Mark, glad to hear you got some much over due air time.

I had a lot of the same problems when I transitioned to the single point hang system with the back plate. Couldn't get upright enough, ballooning up when trying to "walk up the downtubes" and really bad landings. However, with a lot of advise and even more practice I have been able to smooth the technique out. The emphasis being that I get a lot of practice.

CG 1000 harness have always been notorious for not being very user friendly when it come to landing. I know one person who actually quite flying because they pounded in so hard every time that they were afraid to launch because of their fear of landings.

So I think you should weigh the pros vs the cons.

The CG 1000 type harness be a "little" more comfortable over the period of a 3-4 hr flight, it is a very old design, they are very hard to get upright and it takes a lot of hours of practice to perfect a proper method to have consistently good landings, plus they are very expensive to replace.

On the other hand a modern standard harness (Wills Z5 for example) is "pretty" comfortable over a 3-4 hr flight (ask Larry W), are easy to get upright, which makes landings easier and doesn't require a lot of effort to pull off consistently good landings and they don't cost near as much. I know I haven't been able to talk Larry W out of his Z5 and into a single point/ back plate harness.

I think before I would try to redesign an old out of date harness, I would consider getting a Wills Z5 or a High Energy Tracer. With the limited amount airtime you get a year, I think you would be much happier with a less stressful type of harness.
Larry B

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