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Well I must say my experience with single suspension back plate harnesses vs the Z5 HE type harnesses has been just the opposite. I've found it easier to get upright for landing; no fidling with the angle of dangle line. If it is not easy either the harness isn't adjusted properly, the harness is the wrong size, or the proper technique is not being used. Body position within a single suspension harness is criticle to its proper function. Mark, if you are all the way back in the harness and you still can't get upright, then the harness is the wrong size for you. BTW, Jordan Gianforte has resumed making the CG 1000 harnesses and has admitted to me that perhaps the way Raymond made his harnesses, a CG 1000 clone with an adjustable foot plate, is a better way of positioning the pilot within the harness. I flew that kind of harness for 20+ years and getting upright was automatic. The moyes matrix I now fly requires a different technique to get up right, but the beauty of either design is that the harness allows hasel free rotation to a postion that allows you to fly the glider without holding yourself upright. This allows you to have a better feel of the glider trim speed for proper flaring timing. I'll be happy to work with you on getting the kinks worked out of your present harness or in getting you into another harness.
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