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my brother is in the elevator trade and I will pay him a visit mid-late March. I suspect some of the same components used to raise and lower a traction elevator car (3500-5000lbs) could be used to raise and lower the Dangler. He regularly "re-ropes" elevator cars. I just asked him if he has any "spare elevator rope". His reply was.."about 3000 feet". He says it's 1/2" and I can have all I want.

the drum or "shiv" is another matter. on average, the elevators use 30" drums but they rework and reuse them. none available at this time. I suspect we'll want a slightly smaller drum as high speed is not necessary.

We can discuss further. Hopefully I'll see you at the meeting. I'm heading down to Cincinatti tomorrow. Please give me a call if your free. 614-636-1036
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