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Default May31rst 7000ft.

John took my niece ,visiting from Texas, Amber for a tandom Flight.

Willie came down an launched me right away but I could not find them, but did find a monster thermal.

John found me though and I got to soar with them for a little while. I topped out at 7000 got cold went down to get warm then right back up in the same thermal. It was like a consistent house elevator coming off right near the airport all afternoon.

Had to find sink to get down since Amber was on the ground waiting after I had about been up for about an hour.

But the spidey sense for flying and finding lift is slowly coming back after the 3 yr. hiatus.
Still haven't gotten a decent landing flair . Scooter tow time.
Thanks John and Willie for an unforgettable afternoon!

Boomer Lives!
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