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Default OF logo aparal and ordering

Here is a few samples of the logo for the hats and t-shirts I had at the meeting. Right now we are not getting the mesh back hats pictured, possibly early summer if there is a demand for them, but there will be the flex fit cotton twill, Floopy billed hat and bucket hat to choose from. Also, there will be the option for a long sleeve T. They will all have the red or black swirl logo pictured depending on which colored logo fits with the color of the shirt ordered.



Take the time and look at the links to the items listed for color and size options before you order. Prices listed do not include shipping if required, however most orders could dropped off at WesMar for pick up or when I see you out at the flying sites, after payment. Also there $1.00 increase in price for shirts for X size (example: 2X would be $2.00 extra)

Bucket Hat (Unstructured) $17.00

Floppy Billed Hat (Unstructured) $15.00

Flex Fit Hat (Structured) $18.00

Short sleeve t-shirts $20.00 plus $1.00 per X size as listed above

Long sleeve shirts $23.00 plus $1.00 per X size

There are many other items available at this site that could have the logo embroidered onto.

Call/text 304-991-2559

Payment to: Larry Ball
Send to: Larry Ball
5590 Ireland Rd.
Coolville, OH 45723

Larry B

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