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Default Report from the tortoise

Hey guys! I haven't posted much lately but I'm flying In those brief windows of available time.

I got my Falcon 4 toward the end of last fall. I love the glider. It handles like a dream. It was, however, quite different from the wing I was used to flying. I took a couple of scooter tows in mid-day conditions and got spooked. The glider responded well to inputs but I was finding it difficult to maintain headings. The sail was tighter and I felt lighter on the wing. I became much more aware of flaws in my technique. I never felt out of control but I knew I needed to step back In order to dial it in.

I began a series of days where I would tow up in the evenings after the last of the thermals had died. The air was butter smooth and it allowed me to really connect with the glider.

This vid is from a couple of months ago. My flight plan as of late has been:
-tow to altitude, release, practice 360s, 180s, etc., set up approach, land.

In this flight, upon release, I carved a gentle 360 to enjoy the view. Then I banked harder in the other direction. After that, I cranked a 180 and headed to the SW end of the runway to set up my approach. At this point I glanced at my vario and realized that I had forgotten to zero it out. Oh well. Time to eyeball it. My goal was to land in front of the hangar. Wind was nil.

I knew I was the only glider in the sky. Hence the awkward Figure-8 on final. Better technique would have dictated a slipping 360 prior to the downwind leg.
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