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Default Villa Grove

On a happy note the Airman's Rendezvous in Villa Grove was a hoot. The hosts Larry and Tiffany Smith really went all out to supply everything we needed (transport up the 4wd road to launch, a huge LZ in their backyard, Camping, a hot shower, a food truck if you got hungry, Tiffany's tavern if you got thirsty , a wide range of entertainment in the evenings and most importantly a place for well over 100 hang glider pilots to gather, fly together and share the cameraderie in this day and age when we sometimes seem to be becoming extinct). This was not an easy task for them as their beautiful home is off the grid but they pulled it off in style. I was worried about the crowded skies but the Sangre De Christo mountains provided lots of room to spread out and it was never a problem. Set up space was limited but once we figured it out we were able to launch pretty much when we wanted to. There was some moisture due to the "monsoon" they said and cloudbase was relatively low the whole time I was there. Every flight was to cloudbase but the first day it was only about 500 ft. above launch in the beginning. Every other day cloudbase was above the tops of the mountains. The highest cloudbase I had was about 14,500 which isn't too high by Villa Grove standards. For anyone thinking of going there someday it's a beautiful takeoff with a huge LZ and lots of Good western thermals in between. A hang 2 can launch early in the day for mellow flying conditions but if you launch midday Keep plenty of ground clearance, be prepared for western thermal action and be sure to make a long final approach (no low level turns) and be ready to get kicked around.
Thanks to Rick and Rose, Larry and Linda, Matt and Jessie and Mario it was a blast flying and hanging out with you all.
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Thanks for the report… pictures would be great if you have any to share. EP
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a few photos here https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoFlyWeek
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