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Default Wesmar 7/5/2014

Forecast looked pretty good. Upo9n arrival at the field ,the day didn't look too thrilling.

First thing first. I majorly adjusted my harness. Last flight I couldn't get head down at all, and my harness arched my back the whole time. Ended up being very uncomfortable.
So I set up and hooked in. My adjustments had me just about 3-4" too low. Thankfully I have a spare hang strap, and after installing it and going hooking back in, It was a darn near perfect fit.

Step 2 was putting on my nearly brand new 6030. Yeah, that was a bit anticlimactic. put it on, strap it down, done......

Step 3 put on my never used almost 2 year old Gopro. Yeah a bit more anticlimactics.

Step 4 was hang waiting.

Step 5 launching.

Rick, Frank, and Terry were already in the air. Willie towed me over by where Rick was. I climbed in some light lift before finding a good chunk of air going up. I think Larry W joined in as we were peaking.

We broke loose and ended up meeting again a couple times. The last time we headed out to the south. Rick went over Darbyville and beyond. I headed much more west. I tagged the school and turned back for some light lift I passed through. I had a long slow drift back towards the field. About 20 minutes, not really climbing or sinking, just drifting.

I hadn't really seen anyone else for some time. I'd catch a glimpse of Larry W's Red Sport, and an occasional tow in progress. Once in a while I'd see someone low, but nobody I could reach and enjoy the air with.

John Alden came up towards the end of my flight and we turned a few times in some dying lift. He raced off to the North, while I puttered around in more light broken lilft, making sure I reached at least 2:30 in the air.

Dan Miner came up and release not far from me. I had some bubbly lift and he looked to be gaining on me. So I headed out towards him, but couldnt find what he had.

I finished my flight with a little sun on the under surface. Made a almost fully stuffed pass. Set up my approach, and waiting way to long for a flair. I think I slid 100' on my knees. Left about a pound of flesh in the grass too.

Finished up with 2:40, and some change, of flight time.Topped out about 4700' AGL after my best climb of 500fpm. (averaging climbs for me were mostly under 200fpm.)

All in all I thought it was a fantastic day. Good to see so many pilots coming out to get in the air!
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Old 07-06-2014, 09:41 AM
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When i got to Wesmar, I was thrilled to see mellow conditions after a spring of towing in high winds. I wasn't sure if it would be soarable, but just getting some nice towing was going to be a bonus. My massage therapist and his wife had been wanting to come see the hang gliding action, so they made the drive out from Dayton and got to see the fun. On pre-flight, I found one of my downtubes with a pretty good ding in it from the hangstrap spreader. With Craig's help, I managed to swap it out for a fresh one, and seemed to get the VG back where it belonged.

My launch was beautiful....I have video from my friends to prove it! I never hooked the big lift that some of the other guys found, but i got plenty of activity between 1300 and 1800'. At my best, I got up to about 2600 once, but most of my time was spent working it in the mid teens. I did find that my VG tightened up during flight to the point that it was unusable. looks like I need to take it apart and try to get those cords back in a little better. A nice hour of flight and then a belly flop landing in the weeds made for an overall great day!
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Old 07-06-2014, 08:17 PM
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Glad to hear some got to play. Thanks for the report! EP
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I too finally got the opportunity to work a bit of lift. More thrust on launch than expected. (NICE TRIKE Mr. HILL!!!!) Got me a bit high on take off. Dove down to flow and we're climbing like the DF. Small problem with harness during landing which allowed me slow down enough to fall to deck with very little forward speed. AKA .... no flare. Smiling big none the less.

On a even happier note, Mr. Matthew Hahn delivered me a very nice pay back for helping him say "yes" to becoming a birdman couple years back. Wish all my investments paid off this good! Not to mention everything he does to entertain the rest of ya's. I'd say we all benefit from that boys addition to group.

Thanks to all who delivered the welcome backness atmosphere for an old opinionated, obnoxious, loud.......lets just say club member.
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Great to hear that you are back at it Tom.
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Originally Posted by Larry Huffman View Post
Great to hear that you are back at it Tom.

Thanks. Good to hear from you. Hope to seeya at L&L picnic.
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