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Default WesMar 6/6

Deb, Doggies and I arrived to find Sri and Jim setting up the Schweitzer and Steve Martin setting up a Duck. The air was mostly still but there were cycles coming thru occasionally. The wind direction couldn't seem to make up its mind and that's how the day went. Larry & Linda arrived and after some chit chat we headed to the west end and set up.
We waited and waited for the cycles to build and the cumies to develop but no such luck. About 14:30 Willie took a flight to give us a report on the air texture, it wasn't encouraging. Steve M decided it was time to go and we launched him onto the unknown and soon he returned to confirm our suspicions. But, the cycles became more frequent and the haze domes began to appear. Larry went next and stuck, as if that was a surprise! Sri saddled up and took a shot at it next followed by me. On tow at about 800 AGL,Willie dragged me thru a nice one and it took a lot of restraint to not want to take it. We forged on and at about 1300 AGL, looking at 11 on the averager, I couldn't take it any longer and off I got. Did a lot of bobbig and weaving but managed to get just below Larry and was hitting the top. So how was he above me??? Sri and Steve took a relite and were able to get some good air time. Matt W also showed up and made the best of the late afternoon air.
A good time was had by all. Jim Goble was towed up several times in the Schweitzer by Larry Lindsey I think. They were using the winch tow and after a couple attempts were successful in getting him 400 or 500 up. Jim was even able to work some lift! He also took a flight in Matt's Monarch and of course he soared. Willie did a great job of getting us airborne, the trike is a beautiful and very functional piece of work and it was reported to me that the top of my sail is in very good condition. Thank You Larry.
Word is that there will be aerotowing at WesMar Saturday the 7th.
Frank Murphy
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Default Schweitzer

??? The sailplane? I am curious. Thanks,
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