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Old 10-31-2010, 12:22 PM
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Default CG 1000 harness issues

I love my CG 1000 for comfort. It's old school, I had to add a pocket or two, and I've got to put it on and take it off over my head. But it is entirely comfortable which is why I don't want to consider a different harness unless absolutely necessary.

It is designed with a single strap and a back plate that has a sliding mechanism that adjusts by pushing on a foot bar. When going prone, the slider moves back shifting the hang point back. The more you push on the foot bar, the more heads down you go. I think mine is not adjusted correctly because I've had to tie a limiter string through the carabiner down to each shoulder strap. I launched once last year without the limiter string and it was miserable. If I took my hands off the base bar I'd hang almost upside down. The limiter string keeps this from happening.

But the problem is when I unzip to land and pull out my feet, I do not swing upwards automatically. I've got to "walk" my hands up the downtubes to get in the upright landing position. This takes considerable effort, and it is something that I would be afraid to do when in ground effect. Even on the base leg, when I go vertical I can't help but balloon upwards as I try to pull to the upright position. In the vertical position, it is extremely difficult to pull back on the base tubes in order to get enough speed for a controllable landing. Something is not right.

I think, perhaps, the harness may be designed for someone taller than me. It fits great around the middle. I've got everything pulled as tight as it will go (shoulder straps, foot bar) but I am still too "top heavy" because, evidently, I don't have long enough legs to balance out the way I hang, which is why I must use the limiter string.

I wonder if John, Larry(s), Rick, Tom, or some other of you veterans know whether it is possible or advisable to do something to limit how far back the hang strap mechanism slides when going prone? If not, I may need to invest in another harness, as much as I would hate to lose the comfort of this one.
Mark Thogmartin
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