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First of all, it's a great time to be in Florida, weather is still iffy here but is consistantly 70s-80s there. The only negative is that it can get windy sometimes. It is a bit more hassle getting showers and tows because there are so many pilots that week, but the atmosphere is different then, which is the big reason I go then. Party all week!

Wills shows up with a huge trailer loaded with a few copies of every glider they make. All you have to do is sign up to take one for a test flight. If it's good I think they limit you you to an hour or less. Wallaby has raised their rates, when I was there last month the camping was $10 a night and any meals you eat there are also $10. I think the tows are $25 plus you pay a club membership but I don't remember what that was. There are several motels in the area if you don't want to camp. (Disney is only 20 min away). In the past on windy days they had Mike Barber put on a cross country clinic, and Steve Wendt will be there this year demoing his scooter system. On Saturday Wills pays for a big catered dinner for everyone. And for the adventurous types, there are so many going XC it's usually not too difficult to got a retrieve. It's a great time.
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The calendar shows the dates in April, you just have to look at the April calendar.

At Wallaby the days start with sunrise tandems and lessons. If you want to tow up you can. The tugs break for breakfast and lunch. ($5 each). Last year they had dinners to ($6) You can get plenty of food, and it is all pretty darn good!

Demo flights are free, just pay your tow. Last year you told Mike M what you wanted to fly, he told you how many people were in front of you. Figure at least 30 minutes per person. Come back later, but if you were missed you were missed!

A 2 point bridal is mandatory. No pro-towing is allowed.

You can camp at the field. Last year was pleasant camping weather. This year I think we are staying at the Super 8 down the road. Vacation homes and hotels are all over the place with in 5-30 minutes away.

Tows are $25 to 2500' or first thermal. Flying a Falcon may get you an extra turn or two in a thermal before being waved off. Flying a topless will get you waved off sooner. (tug driver estimate your skill by the wing you fly.)

Every night you get the natural gathering around the campfire. As Rick said, Sat Wills provide the eats and entertainment in a big finale.

If you can take a bicycle down with you its a good thing to have. That field is huge! They also have trails back around the property you can ride.

I'm sure there are lots of things to do if the weather turns to crap. Last year we didn't have to worry about it to much!
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