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Default Sunday's Flight Report at Wesmar

While I was busy looking at the forcast for Monday, I didn't realize it was hapening outside today! My original plan was to head over a near by Golf clud and take off from there as done in the past with the permission of the GM, but to my surprise, the GM I knew doesn't work there anymore! I managed to convince the new guy to let me fly another day as the golf club was busy today, so headed to Wesmar! Things were clearely hapening, saw a few birds soaring on London road. Once all was set-up, it had to be close to 2:30 PM, problem was I couldn't get the Mosquito to Start. I must have gotten the plug wet. Pulled-out the plug, cranked the engine once, put back the plug and !!! all was back to normal! Put the helmet on, gloves on and ran harder than usual, winds were light and variable. Climb was very good, about 400 FPM (with power). I reduced the RPM to idle and realized I was still climbing! Yahoo! Climb rate averaged about 50-100 FPM but found 200-300 from time to time, just not collected. I believe I was probably 3 hours too late as the clouds covered up 85% with a few openings here and there. Winds aloft were about 10 MPH and temp was pretty cold. Cold enough to freeze the water in the tube of my camelback! :( I thought I was being smart by securing my camera to one of my downtubes this time as I found out last time, I am unable to access or retrive the camera out of the front pocket of my harness (too tight), so took one of my glove off (Ishhhh, Canadian cold!) snaped a few pictures facing the lake an Sunset from above, awsome view, problem is none of my pictures were actually recorded as when I exchanged the batteries, I forgot to enter date and time, there fore nothing was working! Oh well, it will be for next time. The most fun I had all day was coming in for landing. I must have spent about 10-15 minutes at about 600- 800 feet flying above Marty's house and the tree line next to his house, every time I would fly there I would either climb a liitle or not loose any. Eventually, I lost the game, had another great landing. It's funny how getting a little airtime brightens-up everythings else! Life is good! Looking forward to flying with all of you soon! Eric Proulx :D
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Nice report eric.
It's good to hear about things like thermals, lift, good landings.
It's all a reminder that spring is right around the corner.

Was hoping to be able to share another Cumberland story today but work got in the way.
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Good to hear someone in the area getting some flying!
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